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Corporate Social Responsibility

Medical Practice Consulting Corporate Social Responsibility

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Medical Practice Consulting (Pty) Ltd, its directors and shareholders believe in practicing sustainable business in accordance with the KING III report on Corporate Governance. MPC has identified Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as a way of investing in the growth of South Africa and proudly supports NGOs in the healthcare industry with reaching their goals through advisory services and supply of infrastructure.

MPC has adopted Jelly Beanz as our primary CSR project, due to the importance that the protection and support of South African youth should play for each individual. MPC is of the opinion that children who have not been assisted through trauma and who have been unable to heal both physically and mentally after traumatic events will not have the opportunity to live life to the fullest. It is because of our passion for the development, support and protection of the children of South Africa that we proudly support Jelly Beanz and its mission.

MPC assists Jelly Beanz, as a Service Provider in accordance with the HPCSA, through providing infrastructure and consulting services for the hosting of CPD events to healthcare professionals to not only generate funds to support children who have suffered trauma but to also educate healthcare professionals about the reality of children's mental health.

You may view available Jelly Beanz events by creating a free profile and accessing the Physical CPD event database.

Werner Swanepoel CA (SA)
Chief Executive Officer
Medical Practice Consulting (Pty) Ltd