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In-Hospital TV Advertisement Solution

Your complete in-hospital media channel for connecting with targeted audiences

Your in-hospital digital communication channel of choice

Our In-Hospital TV Advertising service is a digital media solution offered in partnership with Magnetic Workplaces that provide the opportunity to educate, inform, entertain and strategically communicate with visitors and other stakeholders within the hospital environment.

This solution is made available through the installation of large digital screens in the main waiting areas and high traffic areas of the hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. Digital content and messages in the following formats are displayed (in multiple languages if needed) in the busiest areas: Video with subtitles, Scrolling text, Animation video and HD images.

Benefits to Advertisers

Cost Effective

Eliminates high cost of production associated with print media.

Cost effective to traditional television productions and ad placements.


Reporting mechanism linked to Block Chain Technology provides in-depth reporting functionalities.

Real time reporting.


Capable of running more targeted and local marketing campaigns, based on the language that is relevant to consumers.

Effective call to action campaign for pharmaceutical industry, whilst the consumer is waiting at the hospital reception.

Attracts Eyes on Screen

Grabs attention in a subtler way when compared to traditional direct channels with a longer exposure period.

Connect with customers with high definition displays combined with vivid colours.

Simple animations like pause and zoom effects on still artwork provide a more engaging viewer experience.

Real Time

Content can be updated any time, and almost immediately at a click of a button.

Capable of quickly test and iterate your marketing tactics and update them whilst the campaign is running.

Can flight everything you need onto the same screen, at the same time.

Let us help you connect with your in-hospital target audiences.

Core Services

Comprehensive services offered to you by our in-hospital television advertising solution


We connect all in-hospital stakeholders across a national footprint of medical facilities on our media channel.

Media Management

Our team can upload, update and manage content in variety of digital formats in near real-time from our Content Manager Center.


Real time reporting functionalities provide the necessary insight that guide strategic decision making and ensure targets are met.

High Client Exposure Time

Our solution capitalizes on the often-lengthy waiting periods experienced at our hospitals or medical facilities. Patients, visitors and other parties are exposed to your messages for longer engagement periods.

Graphic Design

Our talented design team can assist by providing visual design services that create the ideal supporting visuals for your message.

Videography and Editing

Nothing draws more attention than a quality video when waiting in a hospital. This is where we offer an in-house videography team ready to create high quality footage.

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