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Medical CPD

It is crucial for healthcare professionals to be aware of their CPD requirements
in order to be fully compliant with the HPCSA guidelines.

According to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), it is every healthcare practitioner’s responsibility to improve their knowledge and skills on a regular basis.

This is the driving factor behind the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme that has been implemented by the HPCSA. CPD plays a vital role in fostering personal growth, excellence and professionalism across the entire healthcare industry, and ultimately, benefits the patients.

How CPD Works

Healthcare professionals must accumulate a total of 60 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over each 24-month period,
starting at their first year of practice.


  • 50 CEUs needs to be Clinical CPD points
  • 10 CEUs needs to be Ethical CPD points on ethics, human rights or medical law


Accumulated CEU’s (CPD points) are valid for 24-months from the date the activity took place, was completed or has ended, where after it expires.


It remains the responsibility of healthcare professionals to keep track of the validity of their CPD certificates.

Our CPD Manager can track your CPD compliance based on the certificates issued by the MPC system or manually uploaded.

When Audited

Random mandatory CPD compliance audits are conducted by the HPCSA to ensure the CPD compliance of all healthcare practitioners.

Submit CPD portfolio

Once selected for an audit, healthcare practitioners must submit their CPD portfolios to the HPCSA within 21 days. Healthcare practitioners are required to submit their completed CPD Individual Activity Record (IAR) and proof of CPD activities completed.

What is a CPD IAR?

A CPD Individual Activity Record is a HPCSA form that summarizes all the CPD activities completed by an individual practitioner, which needs to be duly completed and submitted to the HPCSA when audited, accompanied by the respective CPD certificates as proof.

Failure to comply

Practitioners found non-compliant when audited, are given six months to comply after which they are audited again. If there is still non-compliance with the CPD requirements, the Professional Board will decide upon an appropriate action.

You can submit your CPD IAR directly to the HPCSA from our CPD Manager. Your IAR will be populated with all the CPD activity certificates available within your CPD Manager on MPC.

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