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SAMA North West Branch Nominations 2013

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Posted on 8 April 2013 at 11:13


Do it online! Voting made easy.

Online nomination and voting process to the members of SAMA's North West Branch are now open. Access to technology and the Internet have allowed for unprecedented information exchange possibilities and afforded SAMA the ability to offer its members a new way to participate in a free and fair election process. Online voting offers a secure, fast, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional expensive and time consuming paper-based balloting systems.

With the top-notch security of an independently managed and audited service, SAMA's voting members can be assured of tamper-proof voter authentication and vote counting systems, a convenient online nomination and voting system, a sophisticated ballot and even a paper audit trail.

The online voting system will involve 3 processes:

  • An online nomination process of 9 days - 9 April (08h00) to 17 April 2013 (23h59)
  • An acceptance of nomination period of 6 days - 18 April to 23 April 2013
  • An online election process of 15 days - 25 April (08h00) to 9 May 2013 (23h59)

Calling for Nominations - North West Branch Council

Nominations for North West Branch Councillors are eagerly awaited!

Each voting SAMA member in good standing of the North West Branch may nominate any number of candidates for election to the North West Branch Council.

Nominations must be submitted by using SAMA's online nomination submissions process. To take part in the nomination process, follow the instructions below. Only nominations received on or before Wednesday, 17 April 2013 (23h59) are guaranteed consideration. Nominees should have two votes in order to become a candidate. Please note that nominations will be validated and that checks will be conducted to make sure that candidates are eligible to stand for election.

The composite list of nominees shall be published on 24 April 2013, to be followed by an online voting process.



  1. Navigate to www.mpconsulting.co.za
  2. Login into the website with your e-mail address or register a free profile if you do not yet have a free profile
  3. Open the elections page from the main menu
  4. Follow the nomination process

For any queries regarding the online election process, contact the SAMA headoffice on 012 481 2000 or email sonettev@samedical.org.

Please take note of the opening and closing dates of the nomination / election processes, detailed in the article above, as the voting link will only be active / shown if the current date and time falls within these dates.

In order to access the voting process, please login if you already have a profile on the MPC system.
If you do not yet have a profile on the MPC system, click on the register button below in order to register your free profile.

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