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Dentine Sensitivity

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Posted on 1 August 2013 at 11:48

Dentine sensitivity is a global clinical oral health problem in the adult population.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Services EAME Ltd. platinum sponsor of the 2013, 19th International Symposium on Dental Hygiene (ISDH), 14th-17th August, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa, will host an interactive symposium entitled ‘A New Approach to Managing Dentine Sensitivity’.

Two internationally recognized experts: Dr. David Pashley, BS, MDD. PHd, Regents’ Professor of Oral Biology, School of Dentistry, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, USA, and Dagmar E. Slot MSc, a researcher at the Department of Periodontology at the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam and also a dental hygienist, will give their unique insight into the processes which lead to dentine sensitivity and its subsequent management.

Dr. David Pashley will discuss the possible mechanisms that trigger the pain from dentine sensitivity and will describe the technologies behind its two main treatment modalities, whilst Dagmar E. Slot will continue with her unique appraisal of the practical management of dentine sensitivity, highlighting that “Get used to it!” is not enough - practical solutions must be sought to alleviate the problem. She will look closely at the tools a dental professional has for daily practice as well as the tools available for home care to support those individuals affected.

The symposium, which will take place in Auditorium 1 at 3:30PM on Friday August 16th 2013 carries CPD points, both for those attending in person, and for the registered online audience.

For more details and to register to watch this event online please visit the website at www.advanceddefence.com or follow us on Twitter @advanceddefence.com

Alternatively please e-mail us at: advanceddefence@its.jnj.com or contact Maria Mantzourani, Scientific & Professional Affairs Manager in Oral Care, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Services EAME Ltd: mmantzou@its.jnj.com

To view more information about the online CME event, please click the following link: View online event

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