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SAMA GP National Councillors and GPPPC Chairperson Election 2014

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Posted on 30 April 2014 at 11:22

SAMA GPPPC Elections 2014

Dear SAMA member

SAMA is very excited to host the election of the SAMA GP Provincial Councillors. On completion of this process the various Provincial Chairpersons and finally the National Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson will be elected. Access technology and the Internet have allowed for unprecedented information exchange possibilities and afforded SAMA the ability to offer its members a new way to participate in a free and fair election process. Online voting offers a secure, fast, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional expensive and time consuming paper-based balloting systems

With the top-notch security of an independently managed and audited service, SAMA's voting members can be assured of tamper-proof voter authentication and votes counting systems, a convenient online nomination and voting system, a sophisticated ballot and even a paper audit trail.

Round 1, with regard to all nine provinces, will take place from 30 April 2014 at 17:00 until 7 May 2014 at 23:59.

When casting their votes, SAMA GP members are encouraged to take into consideration that the representatives they choose should be able to serve practising GP's best interests - to understand the specific needs and circumstances of GP's it would be sensible to consider those nominees who are SAMA members and who are regularly participating in SAMA activities, endeavouring to make a positive difference for GP's in the private sector, and thus practising GP's themselves.

We have tried to make the process easier and more accessible to all members, and so we trust you will participate in choosing the individuals who should represent your interests in your specific province.

For any queries regarding the online election process, please contact SAMA's Private Practice Department at 012 481 2073 / jackieb@samedical.org or 082 568 2177.

Instructions on how to vote

Register your free profile

If you do not yet have a profile on www.mpconsulting.co.za, please follow these steps, otherwise you can skip to the section below: "Login and cast your vote".

  1. Keep your HPCSA registration number close.

    (The only information required from you to register a profile is your name, valid HPCSA registration number (your MP/IN number), a functional e-mail address (to confirm your username and password) and your speciality - no personal information is requested).

  2. Click here to open the registration form. (Will open in a new tab/window)

  3. Please supply the required information in the fields provided - Select your council (HPCSA), board, profession and speciality.

  4. Enter your registration number into the box provided. You only need to enter the number into the HPCSA number field.

  5. Please read the terms and conditions, privacy clause as well as the disclaimer and accept if you agree.

  6. Within minutes of completing the required information, an automated e-mail will be sent to the supplied e-mail address to confirm that your profile has been processed and that you have been registered. (Please note that certain e-mail settings allocate automated e-mails to the "Spam/Trash" folder - if you have not received a confirmation e-mail within 10 minutes of registration, please inspect your "Spam/Trash" folder as it might have been allocated there).

Login and cast your vote

  1. You may now login with your e-mail address as username as well as the supplied password. You may change your password once you have logged in.

  2. Upon the completion of your registration, the system will perform a check to see whether you are eligible to vote in the SAMA GP elections as per the names on the SAMA database provided to MPC.

  3. Once logged in, you may access all the features from the main menu.

  4. To access the voting please click on the "Open voting screen" found on the right hand side of the page as depicted in the image below.

Please take note of the opening and closing dates of the nomination / election processes, detailed in the article above, as the voting link will only be active / shown if the current date and time falls within these dates.

In order to access the voting process, please login if you already have a profile on the MPC system.
If you do not yet have a profile on the MPC system, click on the register button below in order to register your free profile.

Login Register

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