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Understanding Short-Term Insurance

10 Clinical Points Only Scholarship Access


It is imperative for a medical practitioner to continuously assess the potential threats and risks associated with- and potentially threatening to his business or practice. It is wise to know and understand the potential threats and pitfalls, associated with this type of business when doing a risk assessment.

One very important aspect of risk assessment is adequate and sufficient short-term insurance cover, an aspect that not only includes, but also provides protection against a wide range of threats and exposure associated with this unique type of business.

In order to enable the medical practitioner to access the best products available and for his/her peace of mind, the basic principles of short-term - insurance and industry specific products and sections which pertain to the medical practitioner will be covered in the course modules.

This course will consist of four modules:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Short Term Insurance (for the Medical Practitioner)
  • Module 2 – Understanding Business Risks (the Medical Practitioner’s Guide)
  • Module 3 – Understanding Professional Risk (the Medical Practitioner’s Guide)
  • Module 4 – Understanding Personal Risks (the Medical Practitioner’s Guide)

Course Content

In this module, the first of four, we will take a look at the basic principles of short- term insurance to gain a basic understanding. We will also provide explanations of the associated terminology. In addition, the protection offered against a wide range of threats and exposure associated with this unique type of business and its impact on a medical practitioner and his or her practice will be discussed. It is imperative to firstly ascertain the areas in which a medical practitioner needs cover and then to determine the right kind of cover for that section.

Course Design

This is an online course developed by industry experts in the insurance field.


Participants are assessed by means of a multiple-choice questionnaire.

Who Should Enrol

Medical Practitioners


Accredited according to the HPCSA’s Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for 2 Ethical CEU’s on Level 2


To qualify for the certificate of completion, delegates have to complete and pass the online course questionnaire.

Course Fee

The course is available on a scholarship basis.

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