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Blended Learning: Short Course in Pain Management

Scholarships Available


This course will provide you with much needed information, confirmation and consolidation of existing knowledge and interesting new insights into the sometimes complex origin of pain and the intricate pathway to assist our clients to become pain free at best, or to at least be able to live a quality life maintaining full function.

Who Should Enrol

The programme is only accessible by a restrictive scholarship proudly provided by Aspen Pharmacare.

Course Design

This is a blended learning course consisting of both an online component as well as a 1 day interactive and problem based practical component.


Participants are assessed on the self-study component of the course through means of online multiple-choice questionnaires.


In order to qualify for certification you will be required to:

  • Work through all content, video presentations, resources and activities
  • Successfully complete the online assessment component through means of multiple-choice questionnaires (Pass rate of 70%)
  • Attend the 1 day interactive and problem based practical session

Course Content

The following modules will be covered:

  • Anatomy and the nature and origin of pain
  • The immune and nervous systems in pain
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Types of pain
  • Psychology in pain
  • Treatment of pain
  • Pain in children
  • Customer relations
  • Conflict resolution


For all administrative related enquiries, please contact:

Mrs Madelene Engelbrecht
Foundation for Professional Development

Email: madelenee@foundation.co.za
Tel: 012 816 9000
Website: www.foundation.co.za

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