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Preparation for HPCSA Board Examination for Foreign Qualified Doctors

Only R 16 849.20 (incl VAT)


Even though South Africa has an appalling shortage of qualified doctors to provide primary health care services to both public and private clients, pass rates of Foreign Qualified Doctors (FQDs) in the Health Professions Board examination has been dismal. The strict selection criteria and daunting assessment experience prohibit many aspiring foreign qualified medical professionals to enter the field of active practice and service to fellow South Africans. In the past only a small proportion (approximately 25% overall) of FQDs have been able to pass both theory and the practical part of the examinations of the Board.

This course has been designed to assist and support aspiring candidates to pass the examination at first attempt. The curriculum designers have paid specific attention to the requirements of the HPCSA and contextualised it to the South African medical field. Designed for initial engagement at distance and online level, the theoretical engagement is followed up by a face-to-face interactive workshop over 2 days to strengthen essential clinical skills and approaches to clinical scenarios commonly encountered in the South African environment.

Who Should Enroll

All Foreign Qualified Doctors that require assistance with the preparation for the compulsory Board examination in order to qualify for registration to practice as health practitioner within the South African borders.

Course Design

This course is offered as blended learning with exposure to the theoretical component online, supplemented by a face-to-face workshop over 2 days to strengthen clinical skills and expertise. The practical component of the course will take place twice a year to coincide with the Board Examinations.

Course Content

Areas that will be covered among others in the course include:

  • Medical ethics and health law
  • Social sciences
  • Clinical examination skills
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency medicine
  • Paediatric assessment
  • Basic antenatal and intrapartum care of a pregnant woman
  • Interpretation of an ECG
  • Interpretation of Chest x-rays
  • Mental health
  • Side room investigations
  • Interpretation of special investigation


To qualify for the certificate of completion (and adequate preparation for the Board Examination), participants should pass the MCQs (theory) with a pass mark of 70% and attend the 2-day workshop with OSCE with a pass mark of 70%.

Course Fee

R16 849.20 (Inclusive of all VAT and taxes where applicable.)


Tel: 012 816 9000 | Fax: 086 550 3692
Email: healthscience@foundation.co.za

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