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COVID-19 for Healthcare Professionals Part 2

10 Clinical Points Only Scholarship Access


South Africa is now the epicentre of COVID-19 cases within Africa with over 10 000 recorded cases. This changes the playing field from the scenario earlier when no recorded cases had been recorded yet. It requires that Healthcare Providers must be rapidly brought up to speed with new developments globally, but also in the context of the South African specific challenges. The way we will manage the challenges, will determine if we are able to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 cases. Has what we planned and theorised about before, informed our actions constructively now? Is South Africa able to respond to the challenges effectively and efficiently? These and more, are all questions that our subject matter experts attempt to answer in this UPDATE on COVID-19 for Healthcare Providers. The rapidly evolving picture of COVID-19 calls for a continuous assessment and adaptation of strategy and practical implementation plans to ensure we stay ahead of this ever-growing pandemic.

Learning Outcomes

On achieving this course, a learner will be able to:

  • Discuss the relationship of the COVID-19 virus within the bigger family of coronaviruses and comprehend the dynamics of early outbreak to further spread of the virus throughout the world.
  • Correlate international and local response to the COVID-19 pandemic and understand the rationale behind different response strategies.
  • Apply screening and diagnostic criteria for COVID-19 and implement relevant treatment modalities.
  • Compare the different types of protective equipment focussing on N95 and surgical masks and their role and relative effectiveness in protection against COVID-19.
  • Apply facility infection preventative measures in the fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Course Design

The short course on COVID-19 for Healthcare Providers is an eLearning course.

Course Content

  • The novel virus, epidemiology, outbreak in China, infectiousness/attack rate (Dr Terry Marshall)
  • Epidemiology and public health responses to COVID-19 Pandemic (Dr Kerrigan McCarthy)
  • Infection control and inpatient management of COVID-19 (Prof Anton Stoltz)
  • Personal Protective Equipment including N95 (Ms Katekane Ngobeni)
  • Management of COVID-19 Patients in the Emergency Unit (Prof Andreas Engelbrecht)

Who Should Enrol

All healthcare professionals.


Participants will be assessed by means of multiple-choice questions for which a minimum pass mark of 70% needs to be achieved in order to be successful.


The minimum period for completion is 6 hours.


FPD will award successful participants with a certificate completion.


Accredited according to the HPCSA Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for 10 Clinical CPD points on level 2.

Course Fee

This is a sponsored course. Scholarships are available to all healthcare professionals with a verified Council Number.


For more information, please contact

Mrs Madelene Engelbrecht


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