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Hero’s Journey, Module 2

12 Clinical Points Only R 850.00 (incl VAT)


Everything you are, is because of your purpose. However, in a world overrun by messages of pure survival, it becomes increasingly difficult to grasp the meaning of life, causing individuals to question their existence. With Hero’s Journey, you can reconnect with your purpose and continue to offer your uniqueness in these times.

Hero’s Journey is a reflective journey of self-discovery and courage. Yes, courage. You need courage to reflect on your life with objectivity and a sense of interrogative curiosity to uncover patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back for so many years.

Hero’s Journey is a modular online course that is presented over three Modules that can be done separately or concurrently. For the best outcome, we recommend that you do all three Modules.

Hero’s Journey consists of the following Modules:
  • Module 1: Purpose and Design
  • Module 2: Filters and Feelings
  • Module 3: Decisions and Destiny

Who Should Enroll

All individuals interested in the topic as well as Psychology Professionals (Clinical, Counselling, Educational and Industrial Psychologists, Registered Counsellors and Psychometrists) and Clinical Practitioners registered with the HPCSA.

Course Design

This is an online course.

Course Content

The e-Learning module is presented by Cobus Swart (MA/B COMM) and Rina Steynberg (D COMM). Learning material includes PDF manuals, voice-over PowerPoint presentations, exercises and a multiple-choice assessment.

Course Highlights

Following an inside out personal Growth Journey where Chapter 1 and 2 of Module 1, are the start of the self-reflective journey.

Module 2 consist of the following chapters:

  • Chapter 3: Filters, elaborates on how our traumas in life shape the thought patterns of our neural network.
  • Chapter 4: Thinking and Feelings, provides a neural map of how these thought patterns and beliefs shape our day to day decisions and choices. Leaving us feeling either discontent or empowered with our lives.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course the following will become clear:

Chapter 3:

  • How the Journey through life enables the writing of a life story.
  • How the programming process of the brain impacts your life story.
  • Why the map is not the territory.
  • The impact of different filters on behaviour.
  • The power of beliefs and belief systems.
  • What "stuckness" is and how to overcome it.
  • The role of different brain and mind functions, including:
    • The Prefrontal cortex: The cognitive, logical thinking brain.
    • Limbic system: social or emotional brain.
    • Hippocampus: the subconscious storage system.
    • Limiting beliefs and trapped emotions.
    • The Neuro transmitting brain game.

Chapter 4:

  • The importance of the conscious awareness of limiting beliefs or vows.
  • Possible limiting beliefs or vows that might have formed subconsciously.
  • The impact of limiting beliefs or vows on the display of emotional intelligence.
  • Different elements that constitute the Energetic Self.
  • How the Embedded Self acts to ensure survival.
  • How the Deserving Self contains all our feelings, emotions and sense of self awareness.
  • The role of the Unique Self in differentiating and making decisions.
  • How the Relational Self helps to create awareness of others and a feeling of
  • connection with them.
  • The role of the Creating Self in communicating my talents and creativity to others.
  • How the Perceiving Self provides perspective of the self in the bigger picture as well as the ability to set a vision and goals.
  • The role of the Conscious Connected Self in enabling a sense of making a difference and leaving a legacy in the world through selflessly serving through my purpose.


Participants will be assessed by means of a multiple choice questionnaire.


Accredited according to the HPCSA’s Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for 12 Clinical CEU’s on Level 1 and according to the HPCSA’s Psychology Board Guidelines for Psychology Professionals for 8 Clinical CEU’s on Level 2.


Participants are required to pass the multiple choice questionnaire with 80% or more.

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