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Prescriptions, prescribing and pharmacist prescribers

Only Scholarship Access


A collaboration between the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA) and the South African Medical Association (SAMA) has resulted in the offering of three online training events for health care professionals. The first course focuses on the updates to the General Regulations to the Medicines Act in 2017 which brought changes to prescribing legislation. The Act is very specific on what constitutes a legal prescription, and when original prescriptions should be sent to the pharmacy. Secondly, pharmacists and/or pharmacy support personnel are often faced with prescriptions especially when not from a medical doctor and they are not sure if that person is an authorised prescriber or if the items prescribed fall within their allowed list of medicines or patients. Primary Care Drug Therapy (PCDT) is an approved course to give pharmacists access to a Section 22A(15) permit, issued by the Director-General of Health. The aim of the PCDT qualification is to enhance the pharmacotherapy skills of practising pharmacists and to provide access to a broader scope of practice on the level of primary health care. The third module will explain this qualification in detail.

Course Description

This course offers health care professionals a review on legislation in the Medicines and Related Substances Act (101 of 1965) regarding prescriptions, who may prescribe and for whom, as well as provision for pharmacist prescribers.

Who Should Enroll

Health care professionals who prescribe

Course Content

What constitutes a legal prescription?
How should a prescription book or permanent record look like?
What constitutes emergency supply of medicine?
Legal repeats of a prescription
Prescribing by optometrists, emergency medical care providers, veterinarians, dentists and medical practitioners, clinical associates, medical interns, nurses and pharmacists
Ethical dilemma of self-prescribing
PCDT course outline
Application process for PCDT Section 22A(15) permit

Course Highlights

This course highlights the important aspects of prescriptions, prescribing and pharmacist prescribers from a legislation point of view and in practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify changes to the legal requirements for a prescription
  2. Identify who all is an authorised prescriber
  3. Familiarise themselves with the limitations there are on certain authorised prescriber
  4. Acknowledge the issues surrounding authorised prescribers, prescribing for themselves and for family members or friends.
  5. Understand the scope of practice of a PCDT pharmacist and the purpose of a section 22(A) permit
  6. Understand what is expected of students in each module of the PCDT postgraduate course
  7. Understand the application process for a section 22A(15)permit


Accrediting Body: SAMA
Accreditation Number: MDB015/1315/09/2020


Attend the full duration of the presentation by the speaker.

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